Studio Philosophy

Music is Important!

MUSIC is both an extra-curricular activity that develops physical skills, and an academic subject that develops the mental, emotional, and spiritual elements of a person. MUSIC is hands-on, performance-oriented, joyful, and has the potential to deepen each participants’ creativity, critical reasoning, intrinsic motivation, and self-expression. MUSIC is important, as is all art, in our lives and in our culture, and it also can contribute to students thriving in other aspects of their growth and development, including school, sports, and career.

Every Student is Special!

Music lessons are designed to meet the individual needs of each unique person. As a music teacher, I strive to understand the goals, dreams, and ambitions of each student, and to help them achieve those goals. At the same time, I invite students to experience new things, to explore uncharted territory, and sometimes to break out of their comfort zones… all at their own pace and with their own personal objectives, needs, and abilities in mind.

In addition to the focus on their primary instrument,
in music lessons, students will:

Students will...

experience singing, playing instruments, rhythm, movement, ear training, solfege, audiation, and a variety of activities designed to be fun and to allow for individual creativity and expression. 

Students will...

learn to read music, to understand the fundamentals of music theory, history, and culture, and to apply this knowledge in the regular performance of music, as well as in improvisation, composition, and songwriting.

Students will...

participate in related activities and performances, and grade-level-appropriate opportunities will be presented to help students develop active listening, critical thinking, presentation, and even public speaking skills. 

Students will...

achieve national and state academic content standards for music, which also will supplement and reinforce the material students are learning in other academic subjects including history, social studies, language arts, drama, dance/sports, and visual arts.

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"I have been impressed with Dennis’ instructional instincts and his ability to make connections with his students. Dennis’ ability to form relationships and rapport with students evident both in his teaching and in student performances. Dennis’ instruction has helped our students grow in their abilities and their confidence to perform on stage."

— Sarah O.