Reviews and Testimonials

“Thank you again for your beautiful music!”

You made the party and I so appreciate you being part of it. Hope to have you back again at our next party.

Liz G.

“You are five star all around!”

Thank you for bringing the Christmas spirit into our home with your beautiful piano playing. We will certainly call you next time we have a party.

Bo N.

"Dennis’ performances always show careful preparation exhibiting both musical understanding and technical command."

Shun-Lin C.

“Skillful Pianist, Keyboard
Accompanist, and   
Choir Director”

Dennis is a professional music teacher, skillful pianist, and choir director. He has successfully improved the academics and performance of students. Dennis is a gentleman with proven outstanding performance in liturgical services and social music events.

Joseph N.

“Gatsby Theme Party!”

“We held a surprise 30th Gatsby themed party for my wife, and Dennis took the event to the next level! Dennis was very prompt, professional, courteous I would highly recommend him.”

 Daniel S.


“A Huge Hit!”

Dennis and Grace performed at our Park Pacific Tower monthly concert and were a huge hit. The selection they performed was perfect and showed their interest in presenting a program that would appeal to seniors. We absolutely recommend this dynamic duo.

Nancy H.

“Singing and Moving their Feet to his Music!”

We had Dennis Frayne as an entertainer at our Adult Day Care facility and were very pleased with his performance. He interacted well with our participants and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing our participants singing and moving their feet to his music. It was a very pleasant, nostalgic day for all our participants.

Kellie Y.

"They entertained us with classical music as well as music from the American Jazz era. Their selections displayed their versatility as performers. To go from Mozart to 'Nick' La Rocca in one performance with such ease was wonderful to behold!"

Nancy H.

“Encouraging our Congregations to Sing and to Actively Participate in the Liturgy.”

Dennis sought ways to involve more parishioners in the music ministry, and encouraged the various choir groups to work together on parish-wide events. Dennis worked closely with other language choirs, including Spanish and Vietnamese, for our parish bi-lingual and tri-lingual celebrations several times a year. Dennis has received many compliments from parishioners for his work, and other priests and deacons at the church speak highly of him.

Joseph N.

“Excellent Piano Skills and a Wonderful Choral Musician.”

Dennis is motivated to excel. This was demonstrated numerous times but none more clearly than his production of Kurt Weill’s Down in the Valley – A Folk Opera, a collaborative project among several departments in the College of the Arts, and was funded by an Associated Students grant. Though it may seem a logical undertaking, it is no easy task to gather everyone (who is already extraordinarily busy) needed for the fully-staged production, run rehearsals, prepare the acting and singing and the
orchestra, all of which Dennis did. This was, I believe, the first such major collaboration to come to fruition in my thirteen years at the university. And the crucial aspect is that when it was complete, everyone knew they
had participated in something special, something of immeasurable quality, and that they all had fun.

Carolyn B.

"Dennis couldn't have been better. He's professional, nice, and a fantastic piano player."

Anne R. 

“Successful Christmas programs, Spring concerts and so much more!”

Dennis has done amazing things to make our music program more rigorous, including teaching music notation, sight singing, and performance skills. He has been responsible for a very successful Christmas program, Spring concert, choral festival, musical theater program, and handbell choir. As a result of Dennis’ hard work, enthusiasm for music has increased at the school. Dennis is very hard working, enthusiastic, and patient, who has responded well to parents, other faculty, administration, and students. He has consistently gone way beyond the call of duty to meet the needs of our students!

Roisin M.

“Rigorous, Professional, and Joyous Approach”

Dennis proved to be an inspirational leader. His talents, intelligence, and superior work ethic afforded him the opportunity to participate in and initiate numerous valuable projects for his peers and the community we serve. He is held in high esteem by faculty and students. Dennis is inquisitive, innovative, challenging, and relentless in his pursuit of opportunities to expand his areas of expertise. I learned I could expect from Dennis a rigorous, professional, and joyous approach to the work. He is intelligent, resourceful, collaborative, a true leader, and patient. His love for the arts is apparent in every choice he made during his time here.

Anne D.

“Any school would be fortunate to have him on staff.”

Dennis brought so much experience to the table with a background in both music and theater. He learned the ropes quickly and approached his music program in a very innovative way in order to allow for the best music experience for those who wished to participate. He came in with an approach that set higher expectations, and the students stepped up. His success is measured by the quality of the events, and they were all exceptional.  He is able to identify the approach needed for individual students and is able to have them make strides with an understanding that brings them to another level of learning. We worked closely on all events, but especially on the High School musical. His perspective during auditions turned out to be exceptionally wise advice. He played most of the piano score for the show which was a gargantuan task. This was in addition to working with all soloists and the ensemble. This show is outside of his normal teaching duties, and he was so dedicated. I have worked with several music teachers here, but none that was as diligent about the quality of the music program for the long-term benefit of the students’ musical education. Any school would be fortunate to have him on staff. I learned much from him by watching how he handled his program and how he handled our collaborative events.

Gail B.

“Our 'Go-to' Collaborative Artist.”

What impresses me most about Dennis is his skillfulness and temperament in collaborating at the piano with our choirs, solo vocal, and solo instrumental students and performers. Dennis has accompanied soloists, our traditional children’s choir, and our glee choir at studio recitals and at special community events such as City Council meetings. Dennis has a way of making budding performers of all ages feel comfortable and secure as he guides, coaches, and accompanies them in rehearsal and performance. Parents, faculty, directors, and students have commented positively on Dennis’ work; he has become our ‘go-to’ collaborative artist.

Cameron T.

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